Friday, January 18, 2008

Tiny Bubbles

Will and I started Gymboree yesterday and can I tell you, it is fantastic. It's so much fun and bright and beautiful and colorful. He did pretty good. I have to say though the best part was when Anderson lost his soother and he started to cry, and Will reached over and picked up his soother and put it back in his mouth. It was so funny, he just did it without giving it a second thought. Anyway, at one point they used these really great bubbles that aren't soapy and don't really pop. They were stuck all over us. erin still had them on her back when she left. I had to buy some, so this is Will having a little fun in the tub. The funniest part as that after I put him to bed an hour later I was still finding a bubble here and there on walls, and stuff upstairs. This stuff is so cool! And non-toxic.


erin said...

what a cutie! those bubbles ARE magical. I love how they stick in his hair like a halo!

Meet the Flemings! said...

Bubbles are so fascinating to children aren't they? I'll have to teach you my Hello Bubble song one day.

Sonia said...

Only you would have a Hello bubble song :o)