Monday, July 16, 2007

I'm A Big Boy Now!

Well, I finally caved and started bathing Will in the big tub. He loves it, I think he thinks he's back at the swimming pool. He splashes so much and so hard that he gets me completely wet. He's so funny to watch. The only problem is, he gets down right upset when I take him out. Thanks to Erin for the squishy toys you bought him, he just loves them. But, so does Dante! Every night, and I mean EVERY night when Will gets his bath, Dante is right there hoping that Will might toss him a squishy.


Okay so these are in reverse order (I know how to fix that now) but every time I put Will on the couch, he figures he must take it upon himself to remove all the cushions. He's so funny, he's quite proud of himself too. The best part is, is that he totally poops himself out and has to have a nap after.

Naked Baby

Oh to be able to run around naked when it's this hot! Yes, this has been our outfit of choice the past couple of weeks due to the heat. It didn't seem to bother Will at all, he's still his happy, easy-going self.

I LOVE My Auntie Erynn

William is completely in love with his Auntie Erynn. Whenever he sees her he makes this really heartwarming cooing sound and is all smiles. I swear he snuggles more with her than with his mama.

I Think I've Outgrown My Tub...

Um....gee, what gave it away??? I admit, I have been procrastinating moving William to the big tub upstairs, but obviously it's time to make the move! I have a bad back and have been hoping to push this for as long as possible. Last night I swear there was only an inch of water in the tub and he was still submerged. But isn't my baby beautiful anyway??? Haha Oh, it's a sad day really.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Quiet On Set Please!

My beautiful William has always loved music. I started singing to him in my tummy the minute I found out I was pregnant. Now whenever he hears music he starts to do this little dance. He loves this piano, when he touched the keys they light up and make music, and as you can see by his face, he lights up too. Let's just hope he gets his mama's singing voice and not his daddy's.