Monday, May 3, 2010

Best Buddies

Since beginning Pre-School, William has made lots of friends that he loves to play with. We now have a couple regular play dates every two weeks with some of his class mates and their moms...but they're all girls. Will loves playing with girls but I have to say, his best buddie (Will's words) is Malik. They are the same age and get in trouble all the time at school. Almost every day I pick him up from school, I can hear Miss Jenny telling one or both of them to, "sit down" "put that away" "no running" etc.... so finally after much begging on Will's part, I offered to bring Malik home from school today with us for a play date so Gramma could get a break. They have been cracking me up all day. So much hugging from two little boys....LOVE IT!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Happy Face, Silly Face

William loves to practice faces. Yesterday while we were doing our "faces" he said, "mama, please can you take my picture for your 'bog'?"

Taken of course while eating our bedtime snack....ahhh, I love all his faces!

Kingston's First Hair cut

Poor Kingston has Psoriasis on his head like his brother, so I got Auntie Erynn to shave his head yesterday. I was sad to see all his hair go, but honestly, I think he still looks adorable. It just makes him look older no?

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Super Willy!

When ever Paul goes away on business, I try to make videos of the kids and send them to him while he's away. This was the lastest video when he was away last week. I love William's imagination.

Swing Envy

I know this is kind of sad but I thought it was cute too. Kingston was so upset that Will was on the swing...he wanted to go too.

Fun at the park

April 14th, 2009 Kingston's Birthday

Dear Kingston,

I can't believe that you're one already. I want you to know how proud I am to call you mine and how much you are loved. Since the moment you came into this world, I knew that you would be special...and special you are.

At one years old, you are crawling like crazy, and saying all kinds of words like, bye-bye, puppy, hi, Auntie, uppie (up),that, dada, are so smart. You can stand up by yourself, and feed yourself. Your favorite person is William for sure; everywhere he goes, you go. He loves being your big brother and takes such good care of you. He brings you toys, and reads to you and comforts you when you cry.

You have the most wonderful personality; you are happy all the time, all we have to do is look at you, and you start laughing. You love to sing and listen to music and you love to be read to. You're feisty too and we love that about you.

You just had your check up and you are 31 pounds, and 31 inches long, and yes, like your brother, you have a huge head at 51 centimetres. (mine is 55)

I can't imagine this family or this planet without you in it. You truly are my little angel and you bring joy to everyone who meets you. My prayer for you is that you would grow to be strong and healthy, that you would be kind hearted and full of grace and compassion just like your daddy and your brother too. But most of all that you would know how wanted and loved you are by me, your brother and your daddy and by God.



Easter at Mom and Dads

While we were celebrating Easter here in Summerland, my family was celebrating back at mom and dads. I miss them.

The three amigos

Every time me or Paul leave the house now everyone has to run to the window and say goodbye. It's so cute. They've done it so many times now that even Dante does it. Hilarious!

Kingston's 1st Birthday

We had a small family dinner for Kingston's birthday..I just can't believe he's one already. Of course he got to taste his first sugar, which you can see for yourself that he loved. Although I think he put more in his hair than in his mouth.

After a much needed bath, we all hung out outside and enjoyed the nice weather.

My Birthday and Easter

We had so much fun this past Easter having Paul's brother Steve and wife Dawn over. They had never met Kingston so it was wonderful having them here. We also had Erynn and Joe and Lori their neighbor whom we just met that day. We also had Paul's sister Patti and her man Al. It was a wonderful day.

We also celebrated my birthday and my sweety bought me a guitar. I really wanted to learn to play and I guess he was listening. Well he probably got a nudge or two from Erynn hehe. Either way, I was so excited.

Bed Head

Kingston has extremely fine hair and is an absolutely crazy sleeper. Put those two things together and this is what we get in the morning.

And so it begins....

....the many hours of weed pulling, trimming, spraying and cutting to get our yard, trees and flower beds ready for summer. It's so much fun but so much work. William loves to help me in the garden and Kingston just loves being outside. It's going to be so nice seeing everything grow this year from start to finish. I love it here. I'll keep you posted on the garden as it grows. Very exciting.

Visit with Auntie Kelly and Baby Bianca

It was such a wonderful treat to have my sister in law Kelly and Bianca here for a visit. William and Kingston fell in love with baby Bianca. Although Kingston was a bit "loud" for her, I think she had a great time playing with her cousins too. Can't wait to meet baby #2!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snow Day!

Will managed to get a couple snowmen made out of the one snow fall we had this winter. I think he's the only one in our family who truly misses all the snow in Calgary.

Visit to the Farm

William had a great time visiting Uncle Dave and Auntie Tammy's farm. He got to feed the cow and collect the morning eggs for breakfast. He LOVED it and can't wait to go back. He always says, "mama, do you remember the adventure we had at Auntie Tammy's farm?" "I love the farm".

Christmas Traditions

Paul decided he'd like to make reading the Christmas story to the boys an annual tradition. William loved it and it made Christmas Eve very special.

Then of course we made cookies and a craft for Santa and William insisted we leave a carrot for Rudolph. Santa was kind enough to leave him a note on Christmas morning. You should of seen the look on Will's face.