Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Who's the kid here?

Pizza Day!

Well Saturday was our biggest pizza day so far. We ended up having Paul's nephew Alex and his girlfriend Tara, Paul's neice Melanie and her two children Anna and Carly, Melanie's friend Mellisa and her two kids, and Paul's boss Jim and his wife Kristie. So with us that was 14 people and 7 pizzas later. It was a really great afternoon.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Video for Mom

I made this video for my mom this morning so she could see the yard. It's kind of long, but if you're interested, happy viewing.

Brotherly Love

William and a Duck

I feel bad for the geese and ducks at the beach, Will feels the need to chase them until they give up and head for the water. He'd follow them right in if I didn't stop him. The kid seriously has no fear.

Saturday Tradition

We decided that every Saturday afternoon we would make home made pizza. Paul makes this really great low-fat thin crust that he makes on the bbq. We do all kinds of different flavors and we envite anyone who wants to come. It's super fun. We don't care if no one comes, we still make it for us, Yum!

There's nothing like a good book

One of Will's favorite books right now is Harry the Dirty Dog, which was a gift from Laura. Will loves to read, we read to him all the time. At night we sit and snuggle and read a few books and then I leave him to read on his own and then fall asleep. It's so great to hear him "read" his book.

Waking up with Kingston

Our little Kingston seems to wake up much like William did when he was a baby and even still. He wakes up talking and cooing and smiley. I just love it!

Morning Routine with Will

Will is such a big boy, he can do so much on his own now it's kind of great. Now if we could only get the potty training completed then he won't need me at all...sniff, sniff. (kidding of course) I do love watching him learn and watching him do things himself, he's so smart.


This is one of the pies i made from the saskatoons. It was really good.

The heart in the middle is for mom's sake. Every time she made a pie she would cut a heart in the middle.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Umm, I think I need a new tubby...

I put Kingston in the tub last night after a massive poonami (erin's word) and discovered that he really doesn't fit in it any more. When did that happen??? He loves having a bath, he doesn't stop for a minute with his wiggling and such the second he gets in the water.

Just call me Suzy Homemaker

I never really saw myself as ever being much of a gardener but I have no choice living here because my garden and beds are huge and I have to look after it.

So picture me outside today for an hour picking Saskatoon berries. Nasty things to pick, in an hour I only picked about 6 cups and I think I have triple that that are ready and another bunch that will be ready next week. I have to be honest it was kind of fun, and now I'm going to make pie filling (for pies and for cheesecake topping) Yesterday I picked some of our copious amounts of rhubarb we have and I made a rhubarb strawberry crisp that was to die for. This will not help us with Calgary's Biggest Losers mind you....

Yes, life has certainly changed for me and I LOVE it! The weeding though is hard work. You start on one end and work your way around and by the time you do that, you have to start all over again. I don't even know what half of all this is, but it's fun going on line and figuring it out. Also, Patty, Paul's sis, gave me a tour of our yard yesterday and filled me in on what's what so I don't mistake anything for a weed and pull it out.

Anywho, i'm enjoying it and that's what matters right? It's relaxing and calm and that's why I moved here.

All for now.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Flowers in our garden....

Mulberry Bush (TREE...BIG TREE)

No Idea



Chives and Oregano

No Idea

About 20 different rose bushes


Canada Day Celebration

We decided to take supper down to the beach on Canada Day. Will loved playing with daddy in the sand and water. I still can't believe I live here when i'm looking at all this beautiful water. It was a great day.

William and Kingston this week

The boys have been nothing but FANTASTIC since we got here. William loves being with his baby brother and Kingston is all smiles with him. I promise more detailed blogs as we go here, but thought i'd just throw a couple pics up to let you all know we're alive and well.

Goodbye BBQ

Laura and Reg threw us a great goodbye BBQ before we left and we had a double blessing by being able to spend some time with the Days. I love you all so much. Thank you Laura and Reg, it really meant alot to us.

Kingston, Eight Weeks old.....