Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Day In the Life......

This is how we start our day almost everyday. We go to the gym. Believe me when I tell you that Will loves it WAY more than I do. It's so funny to see him. Everyone knows his name, it's hilarious!

First he runs down the long hallway to the vending machine.

He stops at the vending machine and pretends he's getting a "juice".

Then he goes to the front desk and gets his purple pass and runs directly towards the kids play area (he knows where he's going) Of course he makes sure he says "hi" and "bye-bye" to everyone he passes along the way.

One of the sweethearts that look after him. He practically runs into her arms every morning when he sees her.

Wills favorite toy, he makes a b-line for it everyday.

And of course, my favorite part of the morning.....his exit. Will takes about five minutes to go back down the same hallway to the doors. Why? you ask. Well, he hears the music and chooses to dance his way out. He does the same thing every single time. He makes alot of people smile, I'll give him that.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Will's first craft

You may think this is crazy, but when I laid eyes on Will's first craft that he made at kids church during Kiera's Dedication, I totally cried. I was just so proud of him and so happy that he could do that and so sad that he was old enough to make it because it means he's getting bigger. I just loved it and will keep it for forever. Well, until of course he gets married and I produce a box of all these treasures that will no doubt embarrass him.

(Mind you, this verse may be a bit deep for a 21 month old :o)

Kiera's Dedication

It was so wonderful to be a part of Kiera's dedication on Sunday. After a a really great service at Reg and Laura's church, we had a fun afternoon having lunch back at their place and hanging out with the gang. It was especially nice to see Paul and Linda and the kids and erin, Mike and Weston at the service. We all love you little girl.


Hey, does anyone remember the TV series C.H.I.P.S. with Eric Estrada? I used to LOVE that show. Anywho, I laughed out loud when Will put these on, it made me think of him and the big cool glasses he used to wear which are now in fashion again. Will has been a total ham these past few weeks, his personality is really starting to show.

Monday, July 21, 2008

WWF Will and Daddy Style

Paul has had this thing with Will where they'll pull off all the couch cushions and lay them on the floor then proceed to wrestle on them. Paul plays pretty hard with Will and he LOVES it. I've never seen a child more excited to see their dad come home from work before. From the time Paul gets home to the time he puts Will to bed, all they do is play. I love watching them. Wills getting a few shots of his own now too with daddy. You'll see in this video where Will gives daddy a body slam.

Rain, Rain, Come Again.....

I finally found a pair of rubber boots that fit Will's chubby, but magnificent little feet. He's practically worn them since the day I brought them home. He loves his new boots. Only problem is, it hasn't rained since I bought them and all he wants to do is put on his new boots and go outside. The first time he put them on, he could hardly walk in them. Funny.

Pool Party

Last weekend we had the chance to have Paul niece Amanda and Nephew Sean with his daughter Tea. I guess that makes her Will's 2nd Cousin. We had a great time sitting outside and watching the kids play in the pool. Will loves being in his pool. This is the second pool we purchased so far this year but the first one was too big to fill by hand. (we have no outdoor water source) Anyway, he loves it and will spend all day out there if he had his way.

It's really wonderful have Sean and Amanda so close by, they are fantastic people.

Welcome Baby Weston Christopher Marc

It was so great to finally see erin and Mike and Anderson and now, baby Weston. If felt like such a miracle just holding his perfect little self that day and just thanking God for watching out for him. Those that have had the pleasure of meeting Weston already know that he is Mr. Relaxed. He's so sweet and quiet and calm. He managed to sleep through all the other kids playing and crashing cars and crying. Totally didn't phase him at all.

He's so beautiful you guys and we're so happy for you.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Welcome Back!!!

It will have been one month tomorrow since i've blogged! Wow, I can't believe it. I think I was kind of in a funk the last few weeks but am feeling much better and little more peppy! So to those of you who have clicking on Will's blog everyday for the last month only to see the same last entry over and over again, I do apologize and say thanks for sticking with me and welcome back.

21 Months Now!

I can't believe William is 21 months old.....

-His favorite thing to do is put on his shoes and go outside and listen to music and dance. He loves to walk, play in his pool and go to the park.
-His favorite toys are books and anything to do with Elmo
-His favorite cartoons are Veggie Tales, Elmo, Poko, Comfy Couch
-His favorite foods are pasta, bananas, grapes, cheese and ketchup (although he eats everything)
-He calls me mommy and Paul Daddy (or Paul if he's being silly)
-He loves playing with other little kids and going to play school at the gym every morning. He's always trying to hug all the little girls, it's so cute.
-He eats with a fork or spoon pretty good now and can drink from a cup but is pretty messy.
-He is 35 inches tall and not gaining any weight, he's actually losing weight from all the walking and running around.
-Last of his 4 teeth have now come in.
-He has tons of words now, too many to list including Auntie for Auntie Erynn and Auntie Veronica. He puts a couple words together now too and can totally understand commands.
-He love the water still and always has a swim on his belly in the tub
-He is down to one nap a day now ( boo) and sleeps from 2-4:30. His bed time is 8pm now and wakes up anytime between 8 and 8:30am
-Wants to do everything himself now especially feed himself.

Elmo and Me

My little baby, is a baby no more, he is now a little man and he LOVES Elmo. All things Elmo. That's why I couldn't resist getting him this Elmo back pack. He wants to wear it all the time. This is us this morning on our way to the gym and we do everyday. He was so proud to have his own bag. He walked all the way to the gym with it, he was so cute.

While You Were (supposed to be) Sleeping

One of my favorite things about Will is listening to him go to sleep or listening to him in his crib after he wakes up. This is him after I put him down for a nap. The sound isn't great because there was a fan on in his room, but you'll get the picture.

Diaper Rash

My poor little Will has had chronic diarea for weeks now which has given him the kind of diaper rash i wouldn't wish on anyone. We have since taken him off Dairy and put him on Soy which seems to be helping a bit. All that to say is that sometimes we just let him run around without a diaper to help air it out and dry it out. As you can see, he enjoys it very much. And, we only had one accident and thankfully it was on the laminent Haha. Here he is playing on the computer.


I don't know who'd happier that summer has finally arrived; Paul or Will. They both love it. And like Anderson, all Will wants to do is be outside. All day long he says, "shoes?, shoes?" Which means, can we put on my shoes and go outside? We finally bought him a little pool and he just loves it.


Last month something really great happened to us. It was one of those things we were worried about not happening and had decided that it would probably never happen and then boom, just like that it happened. (no, i'm not pregnant, sorry) That's all I can say about it though, but we were so blessed and Paul brought me home the most beautiful two dozen roses I had even seen. I just had to take a picture.