Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Free at Last, Free at Last!!!

We are so proud of out little man!!! As you know, we decided to cold-turkey wean Will from his sucky starting on Saturday. We had a chat with him and had him throw it in the garbage himself. This is what transpired.

Saturday nap-he SCREAMED for an hour and twenty minutes, slept for 20 minutes then screamed until I got him out of bed. He asked for it a couple times but we just distracted him and reminded him that he threw it away and it is gone and that he's a big boy now. Then when bedtime came he fell right to sleep and slept till 1am. Then he woke up and cried for it for about an hour and then fell asleep again for the rest of the night.

Sunday morning he asked for it a couple times, then at nap time he slept for an hour and then woke up crying for it. By the time bedtime came on Sunday, he really hadn't asked for it and ended up going to bed without asking for it and slept the night.

Monday and Today so far, he hasn't asked for it even once and slept through his naps and the whole night without incident.

That's it, we've done it! I imagine he'll ask for it a little later on, but so far he's done absolutely amazing!

Yeah William!!!

Happy Pumpkin Day!

Check out this pumpkin Paul carved.

Farewell to Paul, Linda, Syd and Josh

These four people are absolutely some of my most favorite people on this planet. Their presence in my life has added so much significance it's difficult to put into words. Paul and Linda are more than just friends to me; they are family and i'm going to miss them more than I even realized. I wish them great peace and happiness in their new adventure. I love you guys.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Take a good look.

Well, only 2 more sleeps and you won't be seeing Will's "sucky" anymore. Yes Paul and I have FINALLY made the commitment to ween Will. I can assure you it's going to be way harder for us, than for Will. Please say a prayer for us on Saturday, I have a feeling we won't be having much of a good sleep this weekend. We have decided to just go cold turkey so hopefully it works. We'll keep ya posted.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Toy

Farewell Lunch For Linda and Syd

A few of us girls got together to bid Syd and Linda goodbye before they leave for Panama. I only have one picture because my camera died right after I took it. Anyway, it's sad for us, but so happy for them. I'm going to miss them all so much. Thanks to Laura for a wonderful lunch.

Baby Biro #2

Well, there you have it, little baby Biro #2 at 13 weeks. It's so amazing how perfect they look when they are still so tiny. All our tests came back great, thank you Jesus, and now I can relax a little more and enjoy this little miracle.

Now we really have to watch what we do.

Okay, so one day last week Paul made himself a rum and coke, ummm rum and coke, sweet rum and coke, I miss rum and coke....sorry about that. Anyway he made it in the kitchen with Will watching, thinking nothing of it. Next thing you know, this is what Will did.

It's Only a Matter of Time.....

Every time we go for a "car-car" ride, Will has to sit in the front seat and pretend like he's driving. He has to turn on the wipers and honk the horn. If I try to put him directly into the car before he gets to do this.....well, lets just say things don't go as well.

We had the best day

Me, Will and Paul spent the day together as a family on Thanksgiving Monday and we had the best time. We spent what must of been two hours at our new favorite park and we just laughed and played.

Thanksgiving 2008

Had a great time at mom and dad's for thanksgiving. The only thing missing was my sis and her hubby.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Happy 2nd Birthday William!

We celebrated Will's birthday yesterday and Auntie Veronica and Auntie Erynn came over for cupcakes and a visit in the morning. Nobody enjoys opening a present like my son. You could give him a bag of coal and he'd still be excited about it.

Visit with the Girls

We had so much fun last Friday at erin and Mikes place. It's so wonderful getting together with such great friends and watching our children play together. We got to hang out in the new play room that is fantastic and even comes equipped with a magic closet with costumes. (well, I like to think it's magic, because you can turn into anyone you want) And we had a little celebration for Will's 2nd birthday which came complete with crave cupcakes and chocolate croissants and ice cream. HELLO!!! We all had a great time, thanks erin.


We had the opportunity to take mom and dad to the Okanogan to survey the land and see if it's really where they want to retire. We took them across the entire valley and let them decide for themselves where they liked best. Lucky for us, they LOVED Summerland as much as we do! They have decided to purchase property there. You should of seen my dad, he was like a kid in a candy store when he saw all the roses, and orchards as far as the eye can see. He said it really reminded him of back home.