Sunday, December 30, 2007

Can I get anybody anything????

Will Loves the fridge, I have no idea why, he just does. Every time I open it, he practically comes running. He loves taking all the dressing bottles out of the side door and putting them on the shelf. He's quite proud of himself after too. So little amuses my sweet boy.

Our little Sicilian

Thanks to Auntie Veronica and Uncle Korbyn for the bib.

Happy Birthday Karla

We decided to go for a walk on Saturday because it was such a beautiful day. Paul borrowed Amie's sled to give him a ride, he loved it. It was a nice day. Happy Birthday Karla.

Nice Evening with Mike, Karla and Miss Amie

Mike, Karla and Amie came over on Friday night for a little Mexican. It was Karla's Birthday on Saturday so we thought we'd celebrate. Hard to believe she's already 30! She looks good.

As always, Amie and Will played well together if you count the fact that Will kept pushing Amie off all the toys. He's so pushy now. But you have to hand it to Amie, she's definitely Will's match as she matches him scream for scream. :o)

Friday, December 28, 2007


Well, Will has finally figured out the stairs which means we have to get the gates up this week. But we unfortunately had our first accident followed by our first fat lip. He put his hands down to brace himself but i think the momentum of his large cranium through him off and he did a face plant. Poor baby, his front tooth went through his upper lip. Lots of blood but nothing serious. He's such a little trooper.

Christmas at Nonna and Nonno's House (Gramma and Grampa)

Will got a new riding/walking boat from Nonna and Nonno that he LOVED. And Nonno loved giving him rides too.

Thanks to Uncle Korbyn, Auntie Veronica and Uncle Richard for spoiling me with toys and cloths. I love all my presents.

Christmas Eve Morning

Paul and I have a tradition of having eggs benedict for breakfast Christmas morning. Since we were going to be at mom and dad's we had our Christmas on Christmas Eve so here he is making me breakfast.

Will was very excited to get his new riding tractor from mommy and daddy. He especially loved the horn. Yeah for us!

Will would like to say a big thank you for all his great gifts. He was really spoiled. Thank you Malakai, Amie, Faith and Anderson.

Of course Dante got a Christmas Stocking too and he was quite happy with his new squeeky mouse and doggy treats.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Mommy's Little Helper

Christmas Visit with Mike, Karla and Amie

We went to Mike and Karla's yesterday for a little Christmas visit. As always we had a great time and Will loved playing with Amie.

Jail Bird

So William decided last week that he was big enough to get out of his crib by himself. I had just put him down for a nap and about 15 minutes in I hear this big "thump" and then silence, and then the scream. Mommies you know the scream i'm talking about. The kind of scream that no parent wants to hear. As i bolted up the stairs all I kept saying was, "it can't be Will, it can't be Will" I opened his door and sure enough, it was Will, he was on the floor! I couldn't believe it, I have no idea how he did it seeing as he can barely stand, but he did it. There he was on the floor looking quite shocked himself but screaming his head off. Needless to say he didn't hurt himself thankfully and we now call him jail bird as daddy lowered his crib to the lowest level. I didn't want it to happen again.

Christmas with Uncle Joe and Auntie Erynn

Friday night, Paul, Will and I went out to Bragg Creek where Erynn and Joe are house sitting to our Christmas. We spent the night out there too, but it ended up being quite the couple of days.

It's tradition for us to get together for a pre-Christmas. We exchange gifts and do and appetizer night, play games etc.

Well Friday evening started with a phone call from Erynn saying that they were on their way to the hospital as Joe had hurt his back so badly that he had terrible pain in his back and right arm and his hand was how numb. So, off they went. We all arrived out at the house at about 7:00. By that time, Paul now had the full on stomach flu that Will had, and I of course couldn't breath (which I still can't)as I have the cold that WON'T GO AWAY!!!!!! So the only one actually feeling not sick was Erynn but she was frustrated with her day and feeling emotionally drained. But Erynn and I said, to heck with it, we're eating! So we made all this food...for just her and I :o) Paul was too sick to eat (sure sign that you know he's sick) and we never actually saw Joe that night. We ate, went to bed at 10:30 just beat.

Everyone was feeling a bit better in the morning so Erynn made us a fabulous breakfast and we managed to exchange gifts.

All that to say, that our little Will wasn't fazed one bit. He loved opening his presents.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Feeding Myself

It's amazing how my son just has to smile and everything just seems better. He had fun tonite feeding himself his dinner.

One of those days..........

I haven't been up on my blogging as much as usual due to all the Christmas baking and shopping and wrapping I've been doing. But today I thought I have to at least post one blog and catch up on everyone else's. Check!

So, today was one of those started at 9:30 at Will's music class where he screamed so much and so loud that it actually reduced me to tears. I spend more time out of the class than in the class. The teacher tried to comfort me and told me that all kids start like this, but I didn't believe her. You know that sickening feeling you have when all the other mommies are looking at you cos your kid is acting up??? Well that's what it was like, I must of apologized 15 times but they seem rather cold. I love the class but haven't really connected with anyone there which is kind of unusual for me. Ironically the one person who is always nice to me is a dad who brings his daughter.

From there, i went to the post office to do some urgent Christmas mailing and I swear there were 17 people ahead of me, once again, Will was screaming, pulling things off shelves and once again, people were looking at me with that indignant look on their face.

I finally got out of there and went next door to the bread place to get Will a bagel even though i had tons of snacks for him and was on e again faced with the screaming, this time because he was pooping and having a very hard time doing so.

So as I left there, i found myself once again reduced to tears and just sitting in the car crying and thinking what a horrible mother I am. Why do we let people put their "stuff" on us.

Anyway, I'm home now and am much better but am spending the 4th night out of this week home alone in the evening. Which means I have Will all day and night without a break. I love the breaks :o) Good thing I love him so much. And he's currently happy and playing with his toys.

And another of the woman in our class is pregnant and ready to pop actually and she still has that space between her legs. Ladies, you know the space I'm talking about. That space that woman have when they have no access chub on their legs and they can stand with their feet and legs together and still have that space between their legs. I've never had that space, I want that space. I think Karla has that space........I'm done now.

ZOO Lights

Mike's mom was in town last weekend and they wanted to take her to the Zoo lights and invited us to come along. We had such a great time, it was actually not too cold out. They added lots of new lights and we managed to even get a smooch under the big mistletoe. It was kind of hard to tell if the kids really liked it cos they were so bundled up they could hardly move.