Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Bedtime Ritual

Paul puts William to bed every night. It's quite the ritual....first we read 3-5 books depending on how many he can swindle out of daddy on a night by night bases. Then we pray and God-Bless everyone including the dog and Nonna and Grampa's dogs. Then we sing, then we finally say good night. So much fun. Oh, and now he asks for a drink. I'm gonna have to nip that in butt soon....

What's really funny is all the stuff he has to have in bed with him....stuffed animals, trucks, books....it's any wonder why he wakes up with mysterious bruises and scratches that weren't there when we put him to bed.

Daddy's little helper

Well, Will's newest favorite thing to do is get up on his little stool that came with his piano and try to be on the same level as us. If daddy is in the kitchen cooking then he has to be there too to 'help'. He's so cute though, we love his kind of help.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Play time with Daddy.....

I was leading worship today and usually, because we are a one car family, I come home in between celebrations and pick up Will and Paul. But, do to the crazy amount of snow on the roads we decide that they would hang out at home today. So it was a morning of party in our pj's. I love days like that, don't you? Oh how I wished it could of been me. I'm glad they had fun. Will will be missing his daddy next week as Paul is away in Penticton again from Mon-Thurs :o(

Ladies and Gentlemen......Mr. William Paul Biro

Last night Will treated us to a concert. I'm hoping that this isn't an indication of what his choice in music will be. I was hoping for more of a love for Mozart and jazz...not so much the thrash heavy medal stuff.

I love how encouraging and attentive Will is to Daddy when it's his turn.

PS. Dear Jesus, please, please please let Will have my musical abilaties, not Paul's. AMEN! :o)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Isn't this beautiful!

Sunshine Corner Play School sent me this beautiful edible flower arrangement today for saying thanks for the work I did with them. I was so touched and it is so Delicious. You should of seen the look on Will's face. He of course went straight for the chocolate covered strawberries. Smart kid.

Just a little something Grandpa taught me.....

Will's Creative Corner

Monday, March 16, 2009

Beautiful Boys

Will and I were so excited to have a play date with erin, Anderson and Weston today. Weston slept through it, but Will and Anderson had the best time. I love this video of them but I keep forgetting to film it with the camera upright. Sorry about that, but you'll get the jist. How they manage to amuse themselves with such things is beyond me considering Anderson has the best collection of trucks, books and puzzles.....we had a really great time.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Bad, Bad Mommy

Okay so I know it's been about 2 months since i've blogged and I feel terrible about it. It's amazing how quickly two weeks behind turns into 2 months behind. Well, i've got about 9 new entries and I think i'm caught up.

I'm on my last 4 weeks before Kingston arrives and i'm totally ready. My goal in these weeks is just to enjoy William as much as possible, blog about him as much as I can and catch up his scrap book to date (i'm soooo close. I'm so excited to meet this new little one but want to enjoy this one on one time with Will.

Thanks for you faithful few who have been checking the blog the last two months, and will still check it. I'll try to do a better job at keeping up. :o)

Just some recent cuteness....

I was looking at Will coloring yesterday and couldn't believe how much of a little boy he is now. Sporting his new haircut from Grandma, I swear he was 5 and not 2 and a half. Wow!

Vegas Baby

Well, this is where I spend a week from Feb 27-Mar 6. Las Vegas! I never thought that I'd ever want to travel there but I LOVED it and will definitely go back. What made it wonderful was being able to spend the week with my wonderful girlfriends; Erynn and Kim. We had a great time and travelled really well together. And the shopping......so much shopping. So much fun.

Happy Valentine's Day

I love that Will is older now and can enjoy some of these great holidays. Paul and I have always been crazy about holidays and usually go over the top. We take every chance we can to Celebrate anything really. :o)

Will's new room

Well, in preparing to get the nursery ready for Kingston, we had to get Will settled in his new room and into his big boy bed. We decided to go with a single and skipping the toddler bed as Will is so tall, he would be out of that in no time. It's not totally done yet but close. We moved Will in a few weeks ago and I couldn't be happier on how well he did. I thought it would be a long process as he LOVED his crib, but he took to it in one day. Went right to sleep and didn't get out even once. He's very proud of his big boy bed and we're very proud of him.

Since then he has fallen out of bed twice, so we put up a baby rail for a while. He still loves his bed thankfully.

Happy Birthday Anderson, Amie and Kiera

What a fun way to have a party. Unfortunately, these 4 pictures are the ONLY pictures I have as my camera died! We all had a wonderful time, the kids just loved playing all together.

Our little Reader

I love that Will's loves books. I'm sure more kids his age are the same but nothing makes me feel better when he sits in a big pile of books and reads. he knows them really well too, there's no skipping pages when i'm too tired any more. Haha.

When Paul puts him to bed now, he asks Will which books he wants and he knows them all by name and tell him. Cutie pie.

Happy 40th Jeff!

Our good friend Jeff turned 40 in January and his wife Kim planned a really great party for him. We also put together a party band called J40 and did all the music. It was Fantastic. So good in fact that we may take our show on the road....sort of. I haven't had that much fun musically in a long time.


I can't really explain why Paul decided to put this pop box on his head, but he did and Will loved it. I seriously can't buy pop now without Will going crazy for the box. Thanks daddy.

Hi baby.....

William has been quite excited about meeting his baby brother. I'm always talking to Will about him and that he's going to come soon. Will is so cute, he actually calls baby by his name, talks and kissing my tummy.