Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year! & Happy 3rd Anniversary!

Paul and I had a wonderful time bringing in the New Year and celebrating our 3rd Anniversary last night. The Carmichael's invited us to join them for dinner at Pic Niq's. Following dinner, we went downstairs to Beat Niq's Jazz club where we had tickets to hear the band that night. It was actually a funk/Motown kind of band and it was so fantastic. We danced and had a really fantastic time. It was nice to actually go out on a date for our Anniversary.

A big thank you to Reg and Laura who watched our little man over night for us. They were so amazing with him, we really appreciated not having to worry about how he was or if he was having a good time. I think he was actually sad to leave when we picked him up in the morning. Thanks guys, you're the best.

Happy New Year my wonderful friends. Know that you are all so important to me and that I love you so very much.


erin said...

What a lovely anniversary.

Can you imagine being a kid at Laura and Reg's house? It's the Disneyland of babysitting. How fun!

Meet the Flemings! said...

I don't know who had more fun....Reg or Will. I watched in awe and love as my husband played with Will and read him stories. Will was a treat to have....we hope our baby is such a good sleeper.
Happy Anniversary and we were blessed to take care of him....anytime.
By the way....you all look HOT!!!

Karla said...

You guys look so fantastic!