Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Had a Farm

Will's favorite song right now is Old McDonald Had a Farm. He calls it Had a Farm. This is a video of him two nights ago. He had been in bed for an hour and a half and was still awake singing.


When we were out the other day, Will fell asleep in the car. I managed to get him inside, take off two coats, boots and mitts and get him upstairs without waking up. I know it looks like his eyes are open here, but they actually aren't, they kind of rolled back in his head, he was totally asleep. Poor kid.

New Years Eve 2008!

After two wonderful days of hanging with my sweety for our anniversary, New Years Eve we headed out to Bragg Creek to spend the night with Erynn and Joe. They were house sitting for some very good friends of ours. We had a great evening enjoying the hot tub and plenty of food and drink (some more than others :o)

Then they have this family of deer that come to eat at their house every day. One of them even eats out of Jeff's hand. So beautiful.


Uncle Richard and Auntie Kelly bought Will this little baby grande piano for Christmas. This this is great, it does everything, has a mic and all the sounds and can even record. Will absolutely loves it!!!

Visit with second cousin Tayah

I love this stage when kids don't mind kissing and hugging. Although in this picture Tayah doesn't look like she's enjoying the hug as much as Will :o)

Snow Day!!!!

On December 27, we headed out for breakfast with Mike, Karla and Miss Amie for breakfast. It was a bit chilly, but thanks to Mike always being prepared, we bundled the kids up in Amie's wagon and went for walk in Edwarthy Park. It was great to finally get outside even if it was short and sweet.

Christmas Day at Uncle Korbyn's and Auntie V's House

My sister Veronica and her hubby Korbyn hosted Christmas dinner at their new place here in Calgary. What a turkey dinner it was, possibly the best i've ever had. My brother Richard passed on his recipe for turkey which marinates in Jake Daniels!!!! Seriously fantastic Turkey. We had a great day of visiting with family, eating way too much, playing games and watching Will open present after present as he was so spoiled.

Here he is opening one of grandma and grandpa presents. They also got him a table and chairs just for him.

My older brother Guy made this beautiful cedar chest for William. I cried when we opened it, i've wanted one for him since he was born and it just means so much to me that he made it.

Auntie Veronica trying to get some turkey dinner down our little turkey.

Will's favorite person, next to daddy....grandpa

Gramma giving Will desert, along with the dog of course.

The beautiful and pregnant Auntie Kelly....they're having a girl!!! First in the family.

Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning 2008

We had a really great Christmas with Will this year, it was so fun to see him react to his gifts and everything. Erynn and Joe spent Christmas eve with us and spent the night before heading to Edmonton to see Joe's family. It was wonderful to be at home.