Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Play Time with Daddy

No one can get Will laughing like Paul. (well, and Dante) From the moment Paul comes home Will is just so excited to see him. Paul plays so well with him, he's such a great daddy.

We're not in Kansas anymore...

I have to admit, I have moments when I really miss the bucket. You know, that window of time where you can put your baby in the car seat bucket and just do whatever you were used to doing. But then they grow out of the bucket and you love that too, but alas, this Starbucks visit was indeed one of those days I longed for the bucket.

I made the mistake of taking Will out of his stroller. The pictures say the rest. Thanks to erin and Erynn for being such good sports.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

16 Months!

At 16 months Will is becoming more and more "boy".

He loves music and books so much, he loves doing the actions to Patty Cake and Itsy Bitsy spider, he loves all foods, and I mean ALL. He can stand on his own now in the middle of the room (but still not walking) he cleans up his toys, and has lots of new words. At breakfast the other day, he actually used his crayons to color instead of having them as a snack. This is progress.

Hello Crazy???

Most of the time, I wish I didn't have a dog (sorry Dante) but there are those days when we all get a good laugh out of him. I don't know what got into Dante and Will but they were having a good time.

Oh, and i'll have a little coffee with that please.......

Normally, when you go for coffee, it's not unusual to have a "little treat" with your coffee. Unless of course you are are Erynn, erin and me where we like to do things the opposite way.

We met for coffee last week, just the three of us, and we ordered...two rice crispy squares, a pumkin loaf, a ginger cookie and a vanilla cupcake. Did I mention that it was just the three of us. And of course a nice little non-fat sugar free coffee to go with it. Man we had to laugh.....

As always, the kids and us had a great visit.

erin's cupcake even came in it's own fancy container...

The beautiful Anderson Kelly enjoying his mid-morning snack...

The boys having their own private conversation.....

Lover's Day

Paul Day told me that in Panama, they call Valentine's Day "Lover's Day", which I think does sound way more romantic.

Normally Paul and I would go out for dinner but instead we decided that we would stay in and celebrate with Will, our little Valentine. For Supper, Paul made me the very first dish he ever cooked for me....seafood linguini. It was so fantastic! Along with ceaser salad, crusty olive bread and a great bottle of one of favorite white wines. Even Will loved it--the pasta, not the wine.

After Will went to bed we finished the evening with a chocolate fondue and a bottle of bubbly (I love chocolate and bubbly together). We had some fruit and my new favorite thing to dip in chocolate fondue......creme puffs! HELLO!!! MERCY!!!

We danced and spent the evening talking about our dream house and plans....I love my husband, I can't believe I get to spend every day with this person. It was a wonderful evening.

My crafty home made Valentine

Thursday, February 14, 2008

My Valentine

It just wouldn't be Valentine's Day if I didn't torture poor Will by dressing him up and showing him off. He's so gonna hate me for it later.

I got Will dressed and spiked his hair and then went and delivered some Valentine's. First we went and saw daddy at work and brought him flowers, and then we are going to see Auntie Erynn to bring her her Valentine. Of course he was a big hit, especially since he says "hi" to everyone who passes him.

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

My Two Sick Boys

This was the scene last night at our house when I left to go to music rehearsal. Not one, but two sick boys, dispite my effort of keeping Will from touching or being fed by daddy since Saturday, and disinfecting everything I could get my hands on........again. But alas, last night Will gave in to it all and spiked a fever. Two peas in a pod. I always know when Will is really sick, because it's the only time now that he wants to lay on our tummy. Poor babies.

Pasta Night at the Biro's

Watching Will eat pasta always makes me laugh. He loves it. That's the Italian side of him of course. It's messy, but it's worth it.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

My Son.....the Genius

It all began when Will started swimming lessons. The instructors taught us to count to three when we bring them into the water, and count to three before we send them under the water. So I do it all the time with him at home with all kinds of things and he loves it. I can't remember when he started doing it on his own, but it's kind of cute. As soon as I say one.....he follows with two....and then I say two....and then he says a quick three just like mommy. Genius I tell you.

It's Potty Time!

Well, Will is 16 months old and I decided to introduce him to the Potty. Tonite was the first night and I just let him get a feel for it and just become "one" with his Potty. I think he was more interested in the toilet paper. I thought I would sit him on it before he gets in the bath every night. He didn't seem to mind. Especially with the fancy book that flushes. Oh, and that flushing sound you hear in the video is his Potty. It has a handle. You should see some of the bells and whistles some of the Potty's have. I'm not a big fan of Winnie the Pooh, but it was a good mix of what I wanted without being too plain or too daunting.

In case you're wondering, that's a toe.....

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday Anderson and Amie

We had so much fun today celebrating Amie and Anderson's 1st birthday. They were so good. It's really great to watch the kids grow up together and to know that we don't have to do this journey alone. Thanks for inviting us to your party.

Baby Shower for Kiera

We had the great honor of hosting a baby shower for baby Kiera. We have all been waiting a long time for her and we are so happy that she's here. She's beautiful and she's perfect.

Now the sweetest baby award goes to Luke, you should of seen his face when his mommy would kiss him. He would smile and giggle from ear to ear. He was so good too.

Some of Laura's teacher friends from work who are super nice.

Auntie Shannon with Baby Kiera

And of course, the now famous diaper cake!

Lunch Date with Auntie Erynn & our friend Kim

Our friend Kim took us all out for lunch on Thursday. She is one of those people you can't help but love because she's so nice and so sweet and a really great friend. Mix that with my handsome little man and my very best friend and it made for a really wonderful afternoon. Doesn't Will look old! He's such a big boy now.