Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Shoe Fettish

I'm sure most kids Will's age have a love affair with their shoes and want to put them on all the time and "go".....somewhere, anywhere. Will is no exception, only now he seems more fascinated with my shoes. He puts dads on sometimes too, but really he prefers mine. He's got good shoe taste I guess.

Our little Italian!


As much as Will loves to color, he loves stickers even more. You should see his face light up when I give him a pack of stickers. As soon as he gets them, he wants to put them everywhere. Now his favorite thing is putting them on him and of course, mommy and daddy. I don't know if it's just this particular brand of stickers, but when I went to take them off, they were close to impossible to get off. I still love it, he's just so fun to play with.

Happy Birthday Joe!

We celebrated Joe's birthday together. I have to say, my cake turned out fabulous. Then after dinner Joe and Erynn indulged Will with his favorite current pastime...coloring! Of course Will was telling them what colors they could use and where they could color. They were such good sports. Will loves Erynn and Joe, he affectionately calls them "auntie" and "uncle". Pretty cute.