Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Belly Bongos

Need I say more????? Willy see, Willy do!

The Next Babe Ruth

One of Will's most favorite things these days is playing baseball with daddy. He's just so cute to watch. Will loves it when we say, "ready, set, GO!" and does it too now. I'll be in the kitchen and i'll here him in the living room bossing his toys around and saying, "eddie, et and Go!" His version of course.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

For Safe Keeping

Will has become increasingly attached to his blanket. I wish I could explain why he decided to do this, but he's been really funny with it lately. It's almost as if his blanket is becoming more and more a friend. You should see some of the stuff he does with it. Funny.

New Hair Cut

Well, Auntie Erynn comes to the rescue again and gave Will a much needed hair cut yesterday. We decided to put him in the high chair and distract him with a snack and an Elmo (or "Emo" as Will calls him) movie. It worked beautifully. Though he doesn't look like it in the last pic, he's really happy with his haircut :o)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Like a Fish in Water

At 20 months, Will doesn't really bathe anymore, he swims. If you are the lucky one to bathe him, be prepared to have a bath yourself because you get wet too.

He loves to bubbles and to brush his teeth. He lets us brush them first and then we let him have his toothbrush so he can do it too. Mostly he just wants to drink the bath water which I think is disgusting of course. We used to give him a cup to play with in the tub but can't anymore because he drinks it, yuk! Anyway, I hope he will forgive the partial bum shot. I'll probably remove the video in a couple days, but I just had to show you it.

There are bubbles in your hair, in your hair.....

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Mommy and Me

Thanks to the fabulous and talented and selfless friend erin, I finally have some pictures of Will and me and I actually love them. Paul and I were just saying how there aren't very many pictures of us together. Usually i'm doing all the picture taking which i'm sure is pretty common for most of us mommies. Anyway, i'm sooo grateful for these. Thank you erin.

Will loves corn on the cobb.

I know i've mentioned this before but I think Will's favorite veggie is corn on the cobb. I finally caught in on video. I just think he's fantastically cute!!!

Playtime with Mimi

Karla invited Will and I over on Thursday morning for a little play time with Amie. They played in the sand, they played in the water, they put water in the sand and sand in the water. They were both so cute. Will calls Amie, Mimi....adorable! My camera died pretty much as soon as I got there so these are the only shots I could get.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Just like Mommy

Anybody that knows me, knows that I love Ketchup. I put it on everything. Even in restaurants, I ask for ketchup. It's terrible but I love it. Perhaps that's why Will has learned to like it so much. He must of seen me do this because I certainly didn't teach him. Here he is eating a grill cheese guessed it, KETCHUP!!

Play Time with Mom and Dad

Saturday was so beautiful, we decided to pack up our lunch and head to Glenmore Park. Will slept in the shade while we ate our lunch and then we went for a walk and ended the day at the park. We always have such a hard time getting him back in the stroller or back in the car. He loves being outside and just hates having to go back it. It was some really great family time.

My Son the Genius

I can't believe Will is almost 20 months. He is so much fun to play with and is learning his numbers and letters and even his colors. Naturally he's a Genius. (wink,wink)