Saturday, January 26, 2008

Don't you just love baby feet?

Okay, so along with all the other wonderful traits that Will gets from his daddy, he also has his daddy's feet. I didn't even know you could pass down toe weirdness from parent to child, but indeed, it is apparent you can. Paul's feet are exactly the same, the toe between the big toe and the third toe sits slightly above them both. I thought it was weird when I saw Paul's feet, but when I saw Will's, I couldn't believe it. I LOVE it, and just want to bite them (Will's feet, not Paul's eeewww) which is what I usually do. See for yourself.

Okay, so I had to add these pics, seeing as we're on a foot theme.
Everytime Will sits in his high chair, he hooks his toes onto the the front handle of his high chair. He's apparently very bendy.

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erin said...

awwww! totally biteable.

isn't it amazing?