Thursday, December 13, 2007

One of those days..........

I haven't been up on my blogging as much as usual due to all the Christmas baking and shopping and wrapping I've been doing. But today I thought I have to at least post one blog and catch up on everyone else's. Check!

So, today was one of those started at 9:30 at Will's music class where he screamed so much and so loud that it actually reduced me to tears. I spend more time out of the class than in the class. The teacher tried to comfort me and told me that all kids start like this, but I didn't believe her. You know that sickening feeling you have when all the other mommies are looking at you cos your kid is acting up??? Well that's what it was like, I must of apologized 15 times but they seem rather cold. I love the class but haven't really connected with anyone there which is kind of unusual for me. Ironically the one person who is always nice to me is a dad who brings his daughter.

From there, i went to the post office to do some urgent Christmas mailing and I swear there were 17 people ahead of me, once again, Will was screaming, pulling things off shelves and once again, people were looking at me with that indignant look on their face.

I finally got out of there and went next door to the bread place to get Will a bagel even though i had tons of snacks for him and was on e again faced with the screaming, this time because he was pooping and having a very hard time doing so.

So as I left there, i found myself once again reduced to tears and just sitting in the car crying and thinking what a horrible mother I am. Why do we let people put their "stuff" on us.

Anyway, I'm home now and am much better but am spending the 4th night out of this week home alone in the evening. Which means I have Will all day and night without a break. I love the breaks :o) Good thing I love him so much. And he's currently happy and playing with his toys.

And another of the woman in our class is pregnant and ready to pop actually and she still has that space between her legs. Ladies, you know the space I'm talking about. That space that woman have when they have no access chub on their legs and they can stand with their feet and legs together and still have that space between their legs. I've never had that space, I want that space. I think Karla has that space........I'm done now.


Meet the Flemings! said...

Trust that you ARE and amazing mom! I've seen it first hand and can attest to the fact that you are fabulous with Will. Who cares what others think, you know what you are doing. Love you.

erin said...

Firstly, Karla probably has that space, and she has ankles, and lucky for her she's so darn loveable otherwise we'd hate her for it! ;-P

And, we all have those days. I am sorry you had one so close to Christmas when everything is already crazy. Wait until those women in class have teenagers. We all have a season!!!

I am proud of you for continuing to bring him to the class despite the challenges. You are doing this for HIS musical and personal growth, not those ladies who are missing out on a great friendship with you.

They'll warm up. And Will is STILL so young! Let him be a baby sometimes. We'll miss these days.