Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas with Uncle Joe and Auntie Erynn

Friday night, Paul, Will and I went out to Bragg Creek where Erynn and Joe are house sitting to our Christmas. We spent the night out there too, but it ended up being quite the couple of days.

It's tradition for us to get together for a pre-Christmas. We exchange gifts and do and appetizer night, play games etc.

Well Friday evening started with a phone call from Erynn saying that they were on their way to the hospital as Joe had hurt his back so badly that he had terrible pain in his back and right arm and his hand was how numb. So, off they went. We all arrived out at the house at about 7:00. By that time, Paul now had the full on stomach flu that Will had, and I of course couldn't breath (which I still can't)as I have the cold that WON'T GO AWAY!!!!!! So the only one actually feeling not sick was Erynn but she was frustrated with her day and feeling emotionally drained. But Erynn and I said, to heck with it, we're eating! So we made all this food...for just her and I :o) Paul was too sick to eat (sure sign that you know he's sick) and we never actually saw Joe that night. We ate, went to bed at 10:30 just beat.

Everyone was feeling a bit better in the morning so Erynn made us a fabulous breakfast and we managed to exchange gifts.

All that to say, that our little Will wasn't fazed one bit. He loved opening his presents.

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