Monday, December 24, 2007

Jail Bird

So William decided last week that he was big enough to get out of his crib by himself. I had just put him down for a nap and about 15 minutes in I hear this big "thump" and then silence, and then the scream. Mommies you know the scream i'm talking about. The kind of scream that no parent wants to hear. As i bolted up the stairs all I kept saying was, "it can't be Will, it can't be Will" I opened his door and sure enough, it was Will, he was on the floor! I couldn't believe it, I have no idea how he did it seeing as he can barely stand, but he did it. There he was on the floor looking quite shocked himself but screaming his head off. Needless to say he didn't hurt himself thankfully and we now call him jail bird as daddy lowered his crib to the lowest level. I didn't want it to happen again.

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erin said...

Oh my goodness, i felt so sick reading that. How do they figure these things out? Would have been neat (?) to see it on hidden camera...minus the thump, of course.