Thursday, April 10, 2008

Will's Lucky Finn

Well, for those of you who haven't heard yet, yesterday was a really bad day around here. And for those who get faint easily you may want to skip this read.

At about 10am I was on my way out the door to Will's 18 month doctor's checkup. I had him on my left hip as always and diaper bag over right shoulder. I pulled our big door shut to lock it and soon realized that I in fact, closed Will's left hand in the door. He screamed so loud that It made me scream. I got the door open again and have never seen a finger so badly smashed. The top half of his pinky finger was completely flattened. So much so that I thought I had severed the top half of his finger. I looked in the door jam for it, but didn't see it. I started freaking out, I was crying and screaming for help and just didn't know what to do.

I love our neighbours, the girls from next door came right out and sprang into action. Within 10 minutes we were in an ambulance heading to Children's Emergency. I have to admit it....I totally came apart, I don't think I've ever cried that much. Will was just looking at me with those big eyes and just screaming. All I could do was say I was sorry over and over to him. As a parent, to see your child in pain is awful but to know you caused it is unbearable. I couldn't stop crying, I'm still crying. I honestly never thought to check if his little hand was out of the way. Let that be a lesson........

The folks at Children's were wonderful and pushed him through right away. After exrays and seeing the Emerg doc, thankfully, I did not sever his finger, but it is badly broken and now is a splint. He has to wear it for 10 days when it will be removed and re-exrayed and splinted again. Oh, and I have to keep it clean and dry. This from a kid who gets into everything and likes to play in the dog dish. We were home by 1:30 and Will slept most of the afternoon in my arms because I just didn't want to let him go.

All that to say, William is truly an angel. Even through all of this, he is still his sweet happy self. He still wants to play and go for rides and is totally content until he remembers and then starts to cry. He's high on drugs and a little off balance so he's sleeping alot. He slept the night which is such a miracle and is sleeping again now.

Just like Nemo, Paul now refers to Will's owie as his 'lucky finn' :o)

People say that this is the start of many trips to the emergency room over the course of his life.....I hope not, because I don't think my heart could take it.


erin said...

he amazes me! what a happy boy.

I still feel TERRIBLY for you...i hate seeing my baby in pain. You are a wonderful mother and we are glad he is ok. xoxoxo

Meet the Flemings! said...

He still looks like his cheerful self. Children are so resilient!
Please know that you are a fabulous mother and we love you.