Monday, March 10, 2008

Visit with Laura and Kiera

Friday morning I had to wait around the house for a couple hours so the Shaw guys could hook up my phone; so Laura and Kiera decided to come for a visit. Kiera is growing so fast and is such a little sweetheart and Laura of course is fantastic with her. Will loves babies and was so excited to see her, he went right over to her chair and started taking the blankets off of her. I think he was hoping she would be able to play with him. We had a great visit, then did a bit of shopping, had some lunch and went for a walk. It was a wonderful day and so amazing to be out with them knowing how long Laura and Reg has been waiting for her.


erin said...

Such a cutie pie!
She really is an answer to prayer. I am always reminded of the greatness of God when I think about Kiera!

Meet the Flemings! said...

That was sweet of you to say Erin. We are lucky to have you all love her so much. She is our little miracle....God is good!

That was a wonderful day. I love spending time with you and Will.