Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Mommy did a bad, bad thing!

You would think that after having a mother, sister and best friend who can all cut hair that some of that would of rubbed off on me. But alas, poor Will found out the hard way, that indeed mommy can't cut hair.

It all started this morning when I was trying to comb Will's hair and couldn't even get a comb through it at the back. Will rubs his head back and forth until he falls asleep. It has been getting worse and worse and I have been thinking I should get it cut. So, I had the brilliant idea of putting him in the tub and taking the shears to his head. I mean how hard could it be right? I put the guide on and just run it along his head.

Not so simple, his hair is so baby fine that it would just stick to his head and lay flat. But I couldn't just leave it half done, so I kept hacking away....really what else could I do?

Needles to say, I won't be trying this at home again any time soon, I will leave it to the professionals. Auntie Erynn is coming over this afternoon to try and fix it. Thank goodness he wasn't older and had to face his friends. He'd be so mad at me. Oh Will, mommy is so sorry!

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erin said...

hahahahaaaaa!!! i am laughing at you, dear Sonia...not that cute-mess-haired-handsome boy of yours.

i can TOTALLY relate. I tried cutting Anderson's hair and it was NASTY.

In fact, just today i was saying he needed a haircut, so i sent him and Mike to Beaners because i just couldn't chance it again. Maybe Erynn could give us a lesson sometime?!?!?

HE IS SOOOO CUTE though...and such a great boy. He would look handsome no matter what.