Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Park & Ride

Will and I have been at the park so much this past week. It's been so beautiful out we just couldn't help it. Will LOVES to go to the park and especially ride on the swings. He looked like a big puffalump in his coat today. I had to really wedge him in there to get him to fit. Do you remember puffalumps? I had a big blue dog puffalump when I was a kid, I loved it.


erin said...

puffalump is the perfect description! Anderson has that coat ("in blue") and it rides up when he's in his carseat. SOOOO cute!!!!

I can't wait to go to the park with the kids this summer!

Meet the Flemings! said...

puffalumps....i remember them but never had one.

Meet the Flemings! said...

i already commented but in looking at the pictures again....he looks like a turtle. He obviously doesn't care that the jacket is up around his ears....that is funny.