Sunday, September 9, 2007

It's Going Way Too Fast...

It's official! My beautiful little boy is no longer a baby. He's now 11 months old if you can believe it, and he's such a big boy now.
-He can now wave bye-bye
-He can now feed himself with a spoon (well, it mostly lands in his lap)
-He has four teeth on the bottom and one tooth on the top
-He bops up and down and side to side when he hears music
-He reaches up for you when you reach out for him
-He plays peek-a-boo
-He loves to clap his hands
-He's totally off baby food and is on real people food
-He's down to three bottles a day and now takes the sippy cup
-He babbles and talks non-stop
-He's wearing size 18 month's pj's and clothes
-He loves playing with his instruments especially the drums
-When he hears daddy open the door when he comes home from work, he totally freaks out and gets all excited when I say...."daddy's home-where's daddy?"
-He laughs hysterically every time he sees our dog Dante
-And my favorite, he says "ma-mee" when he first sees me in the morning when I go to get him up out of his crib
It's going way too fast...........:o(

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