Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bad, Bad Mommy

Well, Dante finally got his cut on Thursday and as usual, he comes back feeling completely embarrassed about his nakedness. He spends the following two weeks, shaking and hiding in our room and will not sleep anywhere but between Paul and I to keep warm, it's really quite funny. Anyway, I always buy him a special treat for when he comes home from the groomers.

Will was playing happily with his toys on the floor and Dante was very happily enjoying his treat. I went into the kitchen to fold some clothes (...yes, my laundry room is in my kitchen) and not 5 minutes later, Dante is at my feet looking up at me with those sad eyes of his and shaking of course....i'm like, "wow, that was fast, what? you don't like your cookie??" So I go to get his cookie, only to find that Will had it and had promptly eaten half of it!!! You can see buy the teeth marks he left in it that he quite enjoyed it. I freaked out but realized after reading the ingredients there was no harm done. But just like Dante, he was so mad at me when I took it away from him. Bad, bad Mommy!

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