Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Day In the Life......

This is how we start our day almost everyday. We go to the gym. Believe me when I tell you that Will loves it WAY more than I do. It's so funny to see him. Everyone knows his name, it's hilarious!

First he runs down the long hallway to the vending machine.

He stops at the vending machine and pretends he's getting a "juice".

Then he goes to the front desk and gets his purple pass and runs directly towards the kids play area (he knows where he's going) Of course he makes sure he says "hi" and "bye-bye" to everyone he passes along the way.

One of the sweethearts that look after him. He practically runs into her arms every morning when he sees her.

Wills favorite toy, he makes a b-line for it everyday.

And of course, my favorite part of the morning.....his exit. Will takes about five minutes to go back down the same hallway to the doors. Why? you ask. Well, he hears the music and chooses to dance his way out. He does the same thing every single time. He makes alot of people smile, I'll give him that.


erin said...

i love love love this post!
i could be fit like you if AJ liked the gym!

Meet the Flemings! said...

way too cute! Love his confidence and independence.