Thursday, July 10, 2008

21 Months Now!

I can't believe William is 21 months old.....

-His favorite thing to do is put on his shoes and go outside and listen to music and dance. He loves to walk, play in his pool and go to the park.
-His favorite toys are books and anything to do with Elmo
-His favorite cartoons are Veggie Tales, Elmo, Poko, Comfy Couch
-His favorite foods are pasta, bananas, grapes, cheese and ketchup (although he eats everything)
-He calls me mommy and Paul Daddy (or Paul if he's being silly)
-He loves playing with other little kids and going to play school at the gym every morning. He's always trying to hug all the little girls, it's so cute.
-He eats with a fork or spoon pretty good now and can drink from a cup but is pretty messy.
-He is 35 inches tall and not gaining any weight, he's actually losing weight from all the walking and running around.
-Last of his 4 teeth have now come in.
-He has tons of words now, too many to list including Auntie for Auntie Erynn and Auntie Veronica. He puts a couple words together now too and can totally understand commands.
-He love the water still and always has a swim on his belly in the tub
-He is down to one nap a day now ( boo) and sleeps from 2-4:30. His bed time is 8pm now and wakes up anytime between 8 and 8:30am
-Wants to do everything himself now especially feed himself.

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Meet the Flemings! said...

Hard to believe he is all grown up....almost. Wow how time flies. I love how he is with babies too.