Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

I had such a great weekend with my family. Paul and I spent the day on Saturday looking for tile for the renos on the kitchen and looking at beautiful flowers that we'll be planting in a couple weeks out in our huge garden :o) I just love days like that especially when Will is in such a great mood and easy to shop with which he totally was.

Then I woke up on Sunday morning to beautiful flowers and Barbara Walters new Memoir (I love those kinds of books) and a very funny card from Will that totally represented him (thanks daddy)

Then as an added bonus, mom and dad showed up around 11am and spent the day with us. They haven't been here in ages and it was so nice to have them here. Will loved having them here and loved walking the dog and of course going to park. He loves playing with Grandpa.

All in all, it was a wonderful day that left me feeling very grateful and blessed for family.


Meet the Flemings! said...

Love love love the pictures with grandpa holding Will's hand.....cherish those moments. You are so lucky your parents are close.

erin said...

I love the photos of your parents too!

What a wonderful weekend. I look forward to seeing your garden. I hope you invite me, my cankles and some lemonade out there this summer!