Saturday, May 10, 2008

Bossom Buddies

We had so much fun having Malakai over for a play date this past Friday afternoon. They seriously enjoyed each others company. It was great to see Will having so much fun, he took the big brother thing really easily. It totally confirmed in me that he definitely needs a sibling. He LOVES having other babies over. It's hard to explain but he just takes over and looks after them. He was definitely going make sure that Malakai had a good time.


erin said...

Will is so great at sharing! That is a super difficult concept for kids under 2. Well done Will! I love that when the phone rings in the first video, Will just leaves Malakai because he has to take that important call! SO CUTE!
I can't wait until he DOES have a sibling! ;-P

Meet the Flemings! said...

It was great being with you and having a "Play date" with Will and Kiera. Soon she'll be walking around and chasing after Will.
He's always so tender towards her.