Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Lover's Day

Paul Day told me that in Panama, they call Valentine's Day "Lover's Day", which I think does sound way more romantic.

Normally Paul and I would go out for dinner but instead we decided that we would stay in and celebrate with Will, our little Valentine. For Supper, Paul made me the very first dish he ever cooked for me....seafood linguini. It was so fantastic! Along with ceaser salad, crusty olive bread and a great bottle of one of favorite white wines. Even Will loved it--the pasta, not the wine.

After Will went to bed we finished the evening with a chocolate fondue and a bottle of bubbly (I love chocolate and bubbly together). We had some fruit and my new favorite thing to dip in chocolate fondue......creme puffs! HELLO!!! MERCY!!!

We danced and spent the evening talking about our dream house and plans....I love my husband, I can't believe I get to spend every day with this person. It was a wonderful evening.

My crafty home made Valentine

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