Monday, May 3, 2010

Best Buddies

Since beginning Pre-School, William has made lots of friends that he loves to play with. We now have a couple regular play dates every two weeks with some of his class mates and their moms...but they're all girls. Will loves playing with girls but I have to say, his best buddie (Will's words) is Malik. They are the same age and get in trouble all the time at school. Almost every day I pick him up from school, I can hear Miss Jenny telling one or both of them to, "sit down" "put that away" "no running" etc.... so finally after much begging on Will's part, I offered to bring Malik home from school today with us for a play date so Gramma could get a break. They have been cracking me up all day. So much hugging from two little boys....LOVE IT!!!

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I love how Will tells him to smile. Like "hey you might not know what's happening but my mom always bring out that thing so just play along."

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