Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Just call me Suzy Homemaker

I never really saw myself as ever being much of a gardener but I have no choice living here because my garden and beds are huge and I have to look after it.

So picture me outside today for an hour picking Saskatoon berries. Nasty things to pick, in an hour I only picked about 6 cups and I think I have triple that that are ready and another bunch that will be ready next week. I have to be honest it was kind of fun, and now I'm going to make pie filling (for pies and for cheesecake topping) Yesterday I picked some of our copious amounts of rhubarb we have and I made a rhubarb strawberry crisp that was to die for. This will not help us with Calgary's Biggest Losers mind you....

Yes, life has certainly changed for me and I LOVE it! The weeding though is hard work. You start on one end and work your way around and by the time you do that, you have to start all over again. I don't even know what half of all this is, but it's fun going on line and figuring it out. Also, Patty, Paul's sis, gave me a tour of our yard yesterday and filled me in on what's what so I don't mistake anything for a weed and pull it out.

Anywho, i'm enjoying it and that's what matters right? It's relaxing and calm and that's why I moved here.

All for now.

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erin said...

you go gardening girl! all that gardening burns calories, right?

How's Will liking the yard?