Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween 2008

Have you ever seen a cuter turtle? Seriously, I know he's mine, but I thought he was just the sweetest thing last night. From the moment we put his costume on in the morning to the time we took it off....9PM!!!, William had the best day. He LOVED his costume, even the hat. I took him to Westside and then to Daddy's office, and then at 5pm we did our little bank of condos and then after daddy came home from work, we went to the Kelly's (the Big Red Door-happy place) and then off to see Auntie Erynn and Uncle Joe. William was just so proud of himself being all dressed up and carrying his "punkin". The funniest part was when every door i'd take him to, he would walk right in to their house, and while the people were putting candy in his pumpkin, he was using his other hand to take candy out of their bowls. Good thing they found that cute. Anyway, we had a great day, he didn't fuss even once and he came home with quite the stash.

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Meet the Flemings! said...

what a sweet little "Franklin". Can he be any cuter? Looks like he had a fun night.