Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Joe!

We celebrated Joe's birthday together. I have to say, my cake turned out fabulous. Then after dinner Joe and Erynn indulged Will with his favorite current pastime...coloring! Of course Will was telling them what colors they could use and where they could color. They were such good sports. Will loves Erynn and Joe, he affectionately calls them "auntie" and "uncle". Pretty cute.


erin said...

you MADE that cake? It looks Sunterra-ish or something. YUM!

I LOVE that photo of Erynn and Joe colouring. Joe with his tatooed arms and all. There is something hunky about a man colouring.


Meet the Flemings! said...

It's amazing how a child can get a grown man to do something he might never be caught doing. The cake looks delish.